If I was Alli,I wouldn’t have killed the rat either. I hate those things


Another reason bhandallas is so awesome is that they are both anti clew:)

make me choose: anonymous asked: Mike Dallas or Drew Torres?


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those18minutestares asked: "I seriously cant take half the fandom seriously. They think him risking Clare's life was romantic? Are we watching the same show? Also I wanted to ask you something. I feel like the reason Clare is pouncing on Drew so quickly isn't b/c she is over Eli, but she always does this. She throws herself into other relationships whenever things end with Eli. I believe she is avoiding dealing with her feelings. Do you somewhat agree?"


I’ve been trying to answer this question for so long and I’m still not sure I found the proper way to explain my thoughts on it.

It’s a known fact that Clare rebounds a lot, not just to avoid her feelings but also to prove to others that she’s not as bothered by her break ups as they think she is. I think this is more then just a rebound though, and before you start thinking I’m shipping Clew now, let me explain.

For the last couple of months Drew has filled a gap in Clare’s life that was previously filled by Eli. Eli gave her love, attention, care, and companionship but then he moved 8 hours away to go to university. At first they were both confident that they could make it through such a change, but Eli cheating created the first crack in their relationship and that crack was promptly filled by Drew. Clare felt lonely, and I’m sure unwanted and there’s nothing Eli could do about it because he was in New York with no knowledge of the fact that Clare was still so distraught over his actions, but Drew knew. Drew was her friend, her attractive male friend that showed her attention and made her feel not so lonely.

To answer your question, I think Clare knows exactly how she feels and I don’t think she’s avoiding it, I’m just not sure she understands fully why she feels that way. I don’t think she realises that the reason she has feelings for Drew isn’t because she genuinely likes him but simply because he gives her things that Eli can no longer give her do to distance.